Helping Hands

My girls love to help out with everything. They pull chairs up to the counter when any meal is being made so they can feel like they are a part of the process. About the only thing they don’t try to help with is vacuuming which actually causes them to run away screaming.

When the “I makin/helpin” mantra first started in our household, I admit that I found it more annoying then useful. Everything took longer to do because their “helping” created more of a mess then when we started. Now I view it differently. I began to notice that the simplest task, like throwing dishes in the sink at the end of breakfast, gave a huge sense of accomplishment. Even my little one can throw stuff in the trash, pick up her toys, or bring things to momma. They beam with pride when I tell them Thank You and what a big girl they are.

So here are the lessons I have learned from my children:

  1. I need to slow down and appreciate the process. I get so caught up in daily routine and am used to doing things myself that I don’t even realize I am on autopilot. Now I view it as teaching them how something is done and the fact that they want to learn is just a bonus.
  2. I don’t have to do everything myself. Take this with a grain of salt. They are both under the age of 4 but they can help with more then what you think. Simple things like finding shoes so we can get out the door, picking up toys, helping make beds, throwing diapers in the trash, handing me groceries to put away are all things they love and is one less thing I have to do.
  3. It teaches them responsibility. Everyone likes to feel useful, even children. If I can teach them early on to do things for themselves I am hoping it will foster their independence. I could be wrong though.
What have you learned from your children helping you?