Lessons in writing 2...

Here is another lesson that I took in my writing course.  The class was given several partial statements and we were to choose one and write somethign that would hook the reader.  I chose "According to the oldtimers....".  As you can see the writing prompt could take you in just about any direction that you wanted.  This is what I came up with:


You will never forget the day you die. That is what I had always been told anyway. According to the old timers we would have many deaths to look forward to, or forget about depending on how you looked at it. I have come to believe it is a little bit of both. Sinking now to the bottom of this murky lake it was definitely the latter of the two.

“Are you ready?” I heard faintly echoing in my mind.

“Nearly,” I thought back.

I wanted to take it all in, the confines of the darkness, the weight of the water, the unbearable panic that besieged my body. I looked at the small pinpoint of light that could vaguely be seen high above me. My chest was on the verge of exploding.

“I’m ready,” I cried silently water rushing into my lungs.

I felt myself dragged from the darkness and I gasped for air sitting upright on the table. The light in the stark white room was almost too bright but it was always that way when you returned.

“That was a close one Keira,” she said pulling the IV from my arm.

“They always are,” I replied.