Today's Lessons...

I believe that I learn a lesson everyday. It might not always be profound or life changing, but it is a lesson none-the-less. Today I feel I have learned several:

  1. I am a good listener. I have many people who are comfortable talking to me not only because I listen, but because I can help them see the different sides of their given situation. I am not tooting my own horn by any means, but it makes me feel good that I can do this for others.
  2. My 3 year old is smart as a whip. You hear how children are sponges and they emulate what you do? My daughter is a shining example of this times 100. It makes me realize that I need to be more conscious of what she is absorbing from me.
  3. I am capable of handling more then I think I can. This has been an on-going lesson for me. I admit this isn’t always an easy one to take, in fact there have been several times it was down right soul crushing. Today however it was a refreshing realization that things are never as bad as they seem.
Not bad for one day, right? No two days are ever exactly the same and it makes me anxious to see what tomorrow is going to bring.